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  2. art-of-swords:

    Bronze Dagger

    • Dated: 19th century
    • Medium: bronze
    • Measurements: overall length 23 cm

    The handle of the dagger is ornate with a skeleton around which a snake is coiled.

    Source: Copyright © 2014 Expertissim

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  3. I go down to the shore in the morning
    and depending on the hour the waves
    are rolling in or moving out,
    and I say, oh, I am miserable,
    what shall—
    what should I do? And the sea says
    in its lovely voice:
    Excuse me, I have work to do.
  4. artandscholarship:

    Haeckel, Ernst - “Nepenthaceae. Kannenpflanzen.” (Pitcher plant)

    from the 2008 reprinting of “Art Forms in Nature.”

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  5. putting off everything I needed to do, I watched star trek and made a scarf. 

    Now, as the evening becomes solidly night, I’ve decided to do all the things. Mainly, make saurkraut and kombucha. I’ve watched a ton of videos. I’m really overwhelmed by all the information, and super intimidated by the supplies I don’t have. 

    I’m struggling with my own mortality. 

    I’m tired.


  6. Its looking like my mom is going to be able to come visit!! Though honestly I’m trying not to let myself get all the way excited till she’s here. Because I’ve been pretty lonely and missing my family a lot and I’m not sure my heart could take it if she couldn’t visit.

    This means that she’ll be staying with me in the days leading up to and during Mabon (the fall equinox). So whatever celebrations I do with have to be covert/neutral enough because anything that’s even just a touch on the pagan side would be really unsettling to her. And I don’t want to unsettle her. I also don’t want to have that convo with her. 

    So basically whatever we do will just focus on gratitude, but also, figuring out what no longer serves us, what is dead weight moving forth in these up and coming months. But mostly, gratitude. 

    In the days before she arrives (which is one omg) I’ll be focusing on cleaning my house, gathering things from nature, and just being really still. 

    How do you celebrate Mabon? 


  7. Anonymous said: I saw your comment on my confession, I thought I'd let you know that it all went well and I'm safely with my parents. I have a feeling that baby Tyler and I are going to be very happy without him. Thank you for your support

    Thank you for letting me know because I have been wondering/praying/sending you brave and safe energies this whole time. I’m so proud of you for keeping you and your little one safe. That wasn’t easy, I know that. If you ever need anything, I’m a click away.

  8. I wanted to tell people how I became this woman
    with razor blades between her teeth


  9. inkskinned:



    Once upon a time
    a princess in a tower
    got free on her own. 

    And married the man she truly loved with all her heart, and soul - not out of the sake of obligation, expectation, or convenience but because she liked herself with him, he made her happy, she admired and respected the man he was, they were excited to make a future together, and their feelings for each other were everything the fairy tales had promised.

    no, for happiness
    and a fairy tale ending
    can be romance-free.


  10. di-johnlock:

    It’s not over, don’t forget

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